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Robyn Dalberg

Director, Teacher

This is my dream job!  After 15 years working with children in school districts and private clinics as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and 4 years of Mommy-hood, I knew this was my chance to follow my passion. I wasn’t ready to go back to work full-time, but I had my youngest starting preschool to consider, if SCLC closed where would he go? Then eventually my Caitlin and Aidan, would be off to school and the best job of my life would be ever-changing. So, my husband and I decided to do what it would take to make it happen, what a blessing it is to have that support because since I took over as Director of the then Stanwood Camano Learning Center, I have never been so happy and fulfilled in my career!

There is nothing about what I do that I do not love. Sitting in opening watching the kids sing or say the Pledge of Allegiance; or observing from afar my teachers appreciate all that each child has to offer from sense of humor to preschool insights delights me in so many ways. When I walk into any room in my school and see happy children nothing better tells me all is right in this world. Then, when I am lucky enough to be teaching, well that is what it is all about. Enjoying children’s creative, joyful outlook on all that is presented to them reopens my eyes to what a beautiful world we live in. I look forward too many more happy years with what we now call The Little Red Schoolhouse!

A little about me:>

I met my husband of 26 years at Western Washington University while earning my M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology. We have two teenagers in high school now!!! My daughter is 17 and attends Archbishop Murphy High School and loves hanging with friends, is finally driving and is ready to be applying to college. My son just turned 16 and attends O’Dea High School. He is the family musician and thespian. He enjoys all things stage, video game or VR and loves to help others. 

Personally, I love to spend time crafting either for team or family celebrations or just catching up with the kids baby pictures. I don’t read much outside of ADHD/Executive Function research and preschool materials, but pop in and out of a book club and love recommendations from all genres. Audiobooks have been an indulgence with all the driving I used to do, maybe now that the kids can get around, there will be more time for free reading!! No day is complete without my extra hot chai tea latte!! I only eat greens to be a good role model if the truth be told, my favorite food is Junk (brownies and donuts):< Or Italian, or Asian, or convenience. Really if I don’t have to cook it, I will happily eat it!  I love movies and girls-getaways and watching my kids do their thing whether on the court, field or stage and am excited to see what your littles love as well.

Celeste Dams

Preschool Lead Teacher

I love teaching at Little Red Schoolhouse! It is one of my most favorite things!

I have been with Little Red for 10 years. Before teaching here I held a number of jobs from teaching to sewing costumes for a theatre. Being with preschoolers is by far the best job!

I am a graduate of Stanwood High School. My husband and I live in Stanwood and have 2 daughters, both Little Red alumni. We have rabbits and chickens (one named "Daisy" that turned out to be a rooster) and two great dogs, named Harry and .  In my spare time I read cook books and dream of fancy meals. I also love spending time with friends and family.

Therese Veach

Preschool Lead Teacher


Lindsay Torzewski

We are so luck to have Mrs. T back!! Bio coming soon.

Jill Whitford                           Preschool Teacher

Jill's youngest is a Little Red alum!  We are so lucky to have her rejoin us as family!!  Her bio will be posted soon.

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